Thursday, 21 May 2015

The Mysterious Death of Patricia Viola

This missing persons case from 2001 became an unexplained death in 2012 when DNA from two children were finally matched to small remains that had been discovered in 2002.  The remains were identified as those of 42 year old Patricia Marie Viola, whom had mysteriously vanished on February 13th 2001.  Pat Viola, who had married Jim Viola in St Joseph`s Church in Bogota, New Jersey, in 1968, worked in the library at E. Roy Bixby Elemental School.  She returned home around midday, made a telephone call to her mother, and then reset the house alarm.  Then she seemingly vanished from the face of the earth.  The family put in a missing person`s report, and when Police checked out the house, they come across some unsettling details.  She had seemingly left, but not taken her purse. keys, ID, money, credit cards, and most importantly, her medication.  She took it for Epilepsy.

    There was no sight or sound of her for a decade.  Human remains had been discovered on Rockaway Beach on July 27th 2002.  There was not much in remains but the family had given DNA samples in the hope of a match through her children.  But there was no word from authorities, so in April 2011, the family submitted DNA again, and this time, a match was made in 2012. She was buried in Hackensack Cemetery, but all her remains fitted in a box of shoebox size.  Not a very dignified end for Patricia Viola, but at least the family has some kind of closure.  But what happened to her way back in February 2001?  The family will probably never know.