Sunday, 10 May 2015

The Murder of Gavin O`Connor

There is a solid history of criminal wrongdoing throughout Ireland so I think it is about time to present cases from the Emerald Isle.   This case is from 2011, when on June 4th, Gavin had parked his car and was having a sleep after attending a music festival.  He got a shock to find himself awoken by his car driving off, with a strange young man at the wheel.  This was 22 year old Conor McClelland.  The driver stopped at a small village called Lisdoonan, and started beating Gavin over the head with a couple of rocks.  Gavin fought his way out of the car and began to run.  McClelland chased after him in the car and deliberately ran him down.  He thought that injuries from the car hitting him would cover the head injuries he inflicted with rocks.

    Gavin was found at 5.30am lying in the road and rushed to a hospital in Drogheda.  Police quickly arrested McClelland, who admitted assaulting Gavin but denied his murder.  He said that he had been to the festival, and had a great deal to drink.  He came across Gavin`s car with him asleep in it so he grabbed his opportunity to drive off with him still asleep.  He thought it would be "fun."  He went on trial in February 2014 in Monaghan and was found guilty and sentenced to life.