Sunday, 10 May 2015

"Just A Thought"

Watching a documentary about deadly women here in the UK, it showed a recreation of the Kate Webster case from the late 1800`s.    Kate Webster came to England from the "Good ole Emerald Isle" but found herself in jail for various offences, in London.  When released, she conned her way into being a housekeeper for a wealthy woman named Julia Thomas.  Over time, Kate hatched her plot and murdered Miss Thomas, carrying her head around in a bag, and boiling her skin to produce fat which sold to people as "dripping."  She was arrested, charged with the murder of Miss Thomas and hanged.  I wondered just when a film about the case will be made by Hollywood, in which events will be changed to suit the anti-British stand Hollywood has.  An innocent girl from the Emerald Isle treated like the lowest skivvy by a despot Brit, who was forced to make a stand against the oppressive Brit high society.  Of course there are plenty who will believe that bullshit.

    Here is another point I would like to correct.  There is a trio of books about the Hudson family from Bradford, written by one of them.  Reading them, it is obvious they are what are called factions; a mixture of fact & fiction.  Not anything new.  Former FBI agent Bill Roemer wrote a book about the mob - a war between the Outfit(Chicago) and the Bonnano Family.  He states he uses guesswork on what people may have said, based on reports, dealings with the principals involved and their personalities.  In other words, a faction.  One of these three books is about Charlie Hudson, a name I became familiar with.  He has been deceased for a number of years.  But it is claimed that in December 1954, Hudson, along with a man named Darley, were asked to work as minders for a party from London named Kray.....

    It is claimed that they were to go to Blackpool, as Charlie Kray had a fight at the Winter Gardens.  But things went severely wrong with an alleged decapitation of a hand and a kneecapping by shooter.  What is wrong is that Charlie Kray never fought in Blackpool, and his career ended three years before in 1951, after a bad beating at the hands of an up and coming fighter, Lew Lazar.  His fight record and all details are readily available on the Web.    Plus, in 1954, the Krays were not even in the big time, they were just a gang of tearaways.  Their first big show was at the Epsom Races in 1955 when they accompanied Jack Spot.  Did the following incident involving muscle from Manchester, trying to hurt Hudson, but failing, actually happen?  It may have but Charlie Kray did not fight in Blackpool in 1954.  That is a fact.  Books from former villains are full grandiose claims that do not stand up to scrutiny and pure common sense.  But the world is full of people who hate facts and cannot stand it.  This book features a number of names I recognise through much research I have done.  Hudson is also said to have run girls.  That makes you a pimp.  Full stop.  Whoever the person is, does not make it different.  I have two of the three books and think they are interesting.  Plus, the author, Julie Shaw deserves full marks for getting three books published by a top publisher and also has an agent.  Here I say "Well done."