Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Execution of Walter Storey

February 11th 2015, saw the state of Missouri execute 47 year old Walter Storey for the hideous and brutal murder of Jill Frey.  What was the reason for the murder of 36 year old special needs teacher Jill?  She was at home in bed when Storey broke into her apartment near St Louis in February 1990.  He was looking for money, not for drugs - a rarity! - but for booze. Storey relentlessly attacked her as she lay in bed, inflicting six broken ribs, numerous head and face injuries, stabbed in the abdomen and then, to finish off, she had her throat slashed.  Down to the spine.  He then ransacked her home for valuables, then took her car.  He returned to the crime scene the following day, in an attempt to remove any traces of his presence.  But he missed something;  a palm print of his in Jill's blood that was on some furniture.

    He was questioned by Police and gave conflicting accounts and so found himself charged with Capital Murder.  In court, he claimed that he was forced into the apartment by a huge man, who then proceeded to murder Jill because he believed Jill was Storey`s mother.  He went on to claim that this big man had been hired by the father of his estranged wife. He was sentenced to death, and spent 24 years on Death Row.  With the ongoing arguments over the use of the chemicals in lethal injections, Storey`s lawyers argued that the use of Pentobarbital, coupled with the secrecy laws regarding where the chemical is purchased, could cause an inhumane execution.  The US Supreme Court voted 5 to 4 in favour of the execution, and so on February 11th 2015, Storey met his maker.  He spoke of love for the world in his final statement, and everybody on it.  He did not display the slightest ounce when he broke into Jill's home and so brutally ended her life.  Just for a bit of booze.