Friday, 29 May 2015

Manchester`s Corpse Filled Canals

It is hard to think that the waterways of Greater Manchester have been filled with the bodies of more than sixty people in just over six years.  Has Manchester got it's own serial killer who likes to see the victims in the water?  Is there something untoward going on?. The Police firmly say no.  They say that all have been seriously examined and see nothing suspicious in the deaths.  A clue was that the areas where the bodies were found were near to pubs and clubs.  So, are drinkers in Greater Manchester getting too pissed and inadvertently falling into the canals and drowning?  Or is there a serial killer prowling the streets and having a right old time with the Police saying that there are no crimes being committed?  Professor Craig Jackson, a Psychologist, believes they cannot all be accidents.  And he dismisses the theory of suicide.  Canals are not the deepest waters for a preplanned drowning, and he says the victims would have to seriously weigh themselves down in order to carry it through effectively.

    A senior Police Officer stated that investigations and Coroner's inquests have shown nothing suspicious in most cases.  He cites alcohol, poor lighting, safety barriers, and such as contributing factors.  Some individuals have been charged in relation to that particular enquiry.  An area of the Rochdale Canal, Lock 85, is an area known as a gay haunt and six men have been found drowned in eighteen months.  Is there a killer of gays stalking Lock 85?  Local opinion has the view that somebody picks up these men and then shoves them into the canal.  Professor David Wilson, a man whose opinions upset Police, has said that Police never like to admit a serial killer is on the loose, as it makes them look slow to act.  Could a number be explained as criminal acts, and the majority are down to simple bad luck?  Maybe, maybe not.