Sunday, 31 May 2015

"Go Ahead Punk, Make My Day!"

No, this is not about dear old Clint (actually 85 today!) but it is rather fitting for a victim of crime to shoot dead the violent thug who brutally raped her.  He threatened to come back and attack her again if she reported the assault.  The victim did and so within a week he smashed his way into her home.  This time she was ready.  The story begins in October 2008 in Cape Girardeau in Missouri.  The victim, a 57 year old nurse, heard glass being broken in a basement window.  She tried to make an escape through her front door, but when she opened it, a man was stood there.  He violently stuck her then manhandled her into her bedroom.  He said he would return to "get her" if she went to the Police.  Despite the threat, she reported the assault and was able to give a good description of the man.  Police stepped up patrols in the area but the victim was taking no chances.  Her doors and windows had extra locks fitted and her landlord gave her a shotgun, for protection.  She was to need it.

    Six days later, on31st October 2008, he kept to his promise and returned.  Just after midnight, she heard a car door shut and so she called the Police. They raced to the scene, searched the area and checked her security.  Nothing was amiss.  However, the victim could not sleep and a couple of hours later, all the electricity in the house went off.  The rapist had broken in through the same window as before and found the fuse box.  She stood near to the basement door with the shotgun armed and ready.  Suddenly, the door was kicked open and a man emerged.  Without hesitation, she let one barrel go.  Then, she turned and ran out of her home to a neighbour who immediately called the Police.  They arrived in less than a minute, to see a man staggering away, so they overpowered him and cuffed him, then took him to a hospital.  He died hours later.  He was identified as 46 year old Ron Preyer, a married man with eight children.  An ex-marine with an appalling history of violence and sexual violence.  The authorities did not charge the woman with any offence because under state law, she was justified in using lethal force when her home was invaded.  No doubt the professional whingers and bleeding hearts would think that what right did she have in preventing this thug from raping her again and probably murdering her, but then again, in their world, since when does a victim come before the assailant?