Saturday, 2 May 2015

Quasand Lewis - Detroit Kingpin

Quasand Daniell Lewis is another one of those American big city crime kingpins that never makes an international name.  Yet the tentacles of his crime empire stretched much further than Detroit.  He has been linked to at least a dozen murders. Yet there is not the slightest evidence that can tie him to any one of them, such is the layer of insulation he has given himself.  Also it is clear evidence of his ability to use his brain.  Many openly boast or cannot keep quiet about what they have done, inviting somebody to cut a deal with prosecutors if caught.  Lewis used his girlfriend as his right-hand man, and her brother, as a main operator for him.  She was said by authorities to have been far tougher than her brother, and was fiercely loyal to Lews.

    Lewis traded in Marijuana, reasoning that if caught by the Federal authorities, he would not receive as severe a sentence if he was involved in Heroin or Cocaine.  Again, another example of somebody not letting greed rule his head.  Painstaking surveillance work by authorities led to repeated seizures of millions of dollars of drug money.  A natural way of hitting and starting to destabilise criminal organisations.  Money is the lifeblood.  Eventually, arrests were made on charges of criminal conspiracies.  Lewis accepted his arrest, telling his lawyer that he had a good run.  He pleaded to the charges, receiving a sentence of 18 years.  His lady received 12 and her brother a similar sentence.  Upon sentencing, which interrupted a civil case with men sweating over piles of folders of evidence and obviously fearing a stretch in jail, he was given a chance to speak by the Judge who had actually presided over the Lewis trial.  He thanked the prosecution, federal agents and the judge for being fair to him, said he loved his lawyer and was now ready to do his time.  He is eligible for parole in around ten years time.  Actions that you would never hear from nearly all villains, as they are all innocent, far too clever for the cops - or even Sherlock Holmes! - and so had to be fitted up.  A different type of dangerous criminal.