Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Janet Brown - Victim of a Greedy Grasping Bastard

In an earlier post, I made a point about degenerate gamblers who will kill in order to get their hands on the money of others so they can get into the casino or bookies.  I also derided the plethora of gambling and bingo sites on the tv, building up the hopes of people desperate to win something to help their lives.  The urge to give it a try is understandable.  After all, most people are not premiership footballers, obscenely paid film stars, bankers or businessmen who operate through offshore companies in order to avoid paying tax.  One person replied to say that gambling should be fun and entertaining.  He has a point.  My point was about those who went severely beyond that.  Then there are the bastards who will kill in order to have a luxurious lifestyle.  Donald Graham is one of these bastards.  One glance at a picture of him with two big gold chains around his neck, sums him up.  It should be a rope, with him stood on a trapdoor.

    Janet Brown was a 45 year old property developer who would just up and go for lengthy holidays, but in June 2005, she supposedly went abroad and was not missed for five years.  Her elderly parents received cards from abroad saying she was staying on the continent to work.  Janet`s mother died in 2007 and her father, the following year.  But it was a building society that set the ball rolling when it reported to Police that there were suddenly large withdrawals from Janet`s father`s account.There was no missing person`s report and nobody had seen Janet but Police started an extensive search and dug up land by her home in Lowgate, Hexham, in Northumberland.  Their enquiries continued over a long period of time and in 2013, Donald Graham and a woman were arrested and charged with her murder.  They came to trial in Newcastle in May 2014.  The jury heard that Janet had been in a long term relationship who claimed his wife was dying and that when she died, they could marry.  Janet bought herself a wedding dress.  Then Graham, 60, met another woman.  Graham had a love of expensive sports cars, and it was alleged in court that he persuaded Janet to put £300,000 into his bank account.  Janet was ready to travel abroad in June 2005, and it seemed she never returned to the UK.  Within two months, he had purchased a house for his new girlfriend.  Vehicles owned by Janet, a Porsche and a Land Rover were allegedly sold by Graham.  It was also stated by prosecution that £285,000 had been taken from her father`s account, with Graham treating himself to a Ferrari, Range Rover and a Porsche.

    Questioned in court, the woman said she thought Graham was a millionaire, who lavished money on her.  She also admitted writing out a will in the name of Mr Brown, saying that Graham assured her that it was all above board with permission from both Janet and her father.  She said Graham dictated to her what to write.  Graham was convicted of murder, despite no body being found, and sentenced to a minimum of 32 years.  The woman faces a retrial after the jury failed to agree on a verdict.  No doubt, as the years go on, the professional whingers and apologists will cry for this greedy bastards` release, while forgetting that Janet remains missing.  Since when do victims matter to these shitehawks?