Friday, 15 May 2015

Plane Blown Out Of The Sky

When watching either CI or ID on satellite, it is astonishing just how many murders are committed by family wanting to get their hands on the deceased's life insurance money.  One man decided to get his hands on his mothers`but how was he to eliminate her?  Simple.  The plane she was on flying to Alaska, he would blow it out of the sky!!  Daisie King had been visiting her son, Jack Graham, and his wife, in Colorado.  She was now leaving to visit a daughter in Alaska, but on November 1st 1955, United Airlines flight 629, left Stapleton Airport in Denver, then exploded soon after take off.  The wreckage was spread over a very wide area, requiring the National Guard being brought in to protect the scene.  Graham had taken out the policy whilst his mother was visiting him but she never counter signed it, rendering it invalid.

    Meticulous examination of debris found explosive materials in remains of luggage belonging to Daisie King.  He confessed to Police when questioned that he put the explosives in her luggage without her knowledge.  The fact that 44 people were murdered by his act, did not bother him in the slightest.  All he wanted was everybody to know he had had a hard childhood!  He went on trial for the murder of 44 people in April 1956 - the first ever to be televised - but now he withdrew his confession.  But it did him no good.  The jury convicted him in just over an hour and he was sentenced to death.  The sentence was carried out at Colorado State Penitentiary at Canon City on January 11th 1957 in the gas chamber.