Sunday, 10 May 2015

Judge Judy

Judge Judy is a very popular show that has run for a number of years, and despite it just being a small claims court, it shows how many people can have a twisted sense of right and wrong.  One such case featured a claim about damage done to a shed from an air rifle or BB gun.  The family admitted they gave their ten year old son a bb gun when he was just eight years old.  This Judy branded "moronic" and said she would have disowned any of her children who would have done a similar action.  Then she branded the mother a liar after she started telling a different story to the one she swore to in the depositions.  She denied lying.  Judy told she was because she was now saying something different.  Again, she denied lying!  Then claimed she supervised her son when he had the bb gun.  Judy asked her if she was stood beside or behind him.  She said no, she was in another part of the house.  Judy retorted how could she supervise somebody when they are in another part of the house?  This woman insisted she WAS supervising him, even though she was elsewhere!!!

    Now the father was questioned.   He insisted the holes in the shed were not from the bb gun and had an expert witness to prove it.  Up stepped another son who looked no older than fourteen!!!  She immediately told the boy to sit down.  The father insisted he WAS an "expert witness" because he had been firing bb guns for some years.  Judy, quite logically, asked how many criminal trials this "expert" had been called to give his "expert" testimony.  The father said none.  Judy said he was Not an expert.  The father insisted he was.  They lost the case but still could not accept the outcome, saying the complainant was wrong.  To me, it looks like these kids can do whatever and the parents will excuse any actions of them, because no matter what, THEY ARE RIGHT!!!!!