Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Ricky Lee Green - Serial Killer

This is another case of a serial killer that never made in the S.K. stratosphere of the known names.  But this one, Ricky Green, the authorities made sure he was never free to kill again.  He was executed by lethal injection on October 9th 1997, at the Texas execution place, Huntsville.  Green remorselessly killed four people, commenting on his arrest that "they were the dregs of society."  Then what the fuck was he?  Born in December 1960, Green was a one-eyed radiator repairman, but his first kill was 28 year old Steven Fefferman, who worked for a Fort Worth television station as an advertising executive.  Mr Fefferman as repeatedly stabbed and then castrated.  They had had sex at he home of Fefferman.  When arrested and charged, Green confessed to a further three killings.

    His victims wee 16 year old Jeff Davis, who like Fefferman, was repeatedly stabbed and castrated.  His other two victims were 27 year old Sandra bailey and 28 year old Betty Jo Monroe.  As he was on the gurney, Green told the families of the victims that his execution was just another killing and did not solve anything. his family and friends were now being punished by the state.  But this fucker had no hesitation in destroying others lives and of their families.  Typical selfish bastard.  at least he is now out of the way.