Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Unsolved Murder of Patricia Parsons

This unsolved killing dates back to 1990 and it was an unusual but particularly brutal murder for which theories abound for the murder.  Pat Parsons was an attractive and wealthy 42 years old masseuse who ran a parlour in Camden, in North London.  She was by accounts, a sort after masseur and in that game, discreet sexual services, particularly with a rich clientele.  She was supposed to have a book listing as many as two hundred clients, said to have listed a judge, accountants, bankers, and even celebrities.  But on 23rd June 1990, she disappeared, only for her car to be discovered at Epping Forest.  She had been shot three times with a crossbow.  She was supposed to have been travelling to her Turkish boyfriends` restaurant but never reached there.

    Why was she murdered?  Speculation was that she was going to sell her story to a sunday newspaper, but she did not need the money.  She owned three houses and one was worth half a million pounds, so she had no money difficulties.  Her clientele obviously relied on her discretion, so why should she betray them?  With a book of wealthy and influential clients, blackmail would be an obvious motive for some villain aiming to line his pockets.  "We do not harm women and children" claim villains all around the world.  Yeah right.  "This woman can make me plenty of money with her book but the code of the Underworld dictates I do not harm her".  If you believe that you believe in Santa Claus.

    In 2007 Police announced that a cold case review and the advance in forensics, meant that they were close to an arrest, but it never materialised.  To add insult to injury, the victims` parents received a demand from the Inland Revenue for £100,000!  One name put up as the murderer was former Richardson gang man Jimmy Moody, who was alleged to have killed a couple close to where Pat Parsons was found. Moody himself was murdered in London some years later.

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