Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Murder of Sara Cameron

The murder of Sara Cameron in North Tyneside went unsolved for four years until a routine DNA swab found a match on the national database.  23 years old Sara, a multi-lingual student was out celebrating on Good Friday 21st April 2000, as she was going to the Sydney Olympics but tragically, this was not to be.  Her body was found the next morning in a field close to her home in Earsdon.  Police took nearly 2500 phone calls but none led to the killer.  They also did a large scale DNA screening but this did not lead them to the guilty party.  The case ran cold.

    In 2004, a bus driver, Michael Robinson, was routinely swabbed by Police after being arrested for trying to kick a door in.  This produced a match for DNA from the body of Miss Cameron.  Robinson had suddenly upped sticks and moved right down to Newhaven in East Sussex, almost 400 miles away.  Robinson consistently denied anything to do with the murder but eventually confessed.  He stalked Miss Cameron after she got off the Tyneside Metro and attacked her from behind, as she was almost at her home.  He dragged her into a field and attempted sexual assault but then strangled her.  His defence lawyer said that his client was drunk.  How many times have you got rat-arsed and decided to attack a woman?  Exactly!  For some twisted reason, it has to be in you in the first place.  Robinson was given a miimum of eighteen years.  No doubt Mary Riddell will think this is inhuman, par for the course that in eighteen years time, he can walk about whilst Sara Cameron will never.