Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Seige At Waco

The seige at Waco in Texas was the result of another man proclaiming himself to be a god or god`s messenger, and trying to make himself his own community where he was in total control.  David Koresch(not his real name obviously) had stockpiled weapons.  Why is a bit of a mystery to me as weapons kill and one of the Ten Commandments is "Thou shalt not kill".  But as usual, these self-proclaimed messiahs, Koresch, Jim Jones, Davis Berg and others, they interpret the Bible in a way that suits them, they use sex as a theme,  and that they are entitled, being messiahe, to have sex with very young girls.  This makes them paedophiles.  Full stop!

    The authorities were disturbed by what they were hearing about Koresch and his regime and wanted to put a stop to it.  The FBI and the ATF formed a task force, backed up with swat and armed response teams, tried to negoiate a peaceful conclusion with Koresch.  Of course he did not want to lose his little kingdom and his serfs and did much stalling. The negoiators did manage to get many women and children out safely but  not all.  The trouble the negoiators had was with the armed teams.  They almost scuppered talks when they sent in a tank to wreck parts of the compound.  A leader of one team said that it was hard to keep a group of alpha males hanging around for weeks on end.  So professionalism and the chain of command went out the window, eh?  They all wanted to act as if they were John Wayne!  One of the negoiators left, as he was sickened by the actions of the armed teams.  He feared a mass shootout.

    As expected, Koresch dug in and eventually, an assault was launched.  Cries on the telephone link heard a guy screaming that women and children were still inside, as tear gas was fired into the main building.  Shots were fired at the building.  Suddenly, a huge fire broke out, enveloping the building and leading to the deaths of the people inside.  The alpha males must have felt proud with their assault.  It was all over and Koresch was dead.  So were many others.