Saturday, 13 July 2013

The Unsolved Murder of Minnie Lawson

This unsolved murder is from way back in 1935 in the North East.  Minnie Lawson, a 58 years old widow and shop owner was found bludgeoned to death by neighbours in her bedroom.  The fateful attack took place on August 11th 1935 in the little hamlet of Ogle, near to Belsay, in Northumberland.  Her neighbours noticed she had not opened up her shop, so they checked her house, and were greeted by smoke coming from her bedrooom.  The neighbours extinguished the fire, which was a mattress smouldering, and found the widow lying near the bed.  It was very clear she had been subjected to an extremely violent assault.

    The Polive immediately launched an enquiry, believing the motive was robbery.  A farm labourer was arrested but the case immediately collapsed against the man and he was released.  Two other men came into the frame, but extensive enquiries exonerated them.  The were no other leads and eventually the case was shelved and remains open and unsolved.  It was believed that she was attacked around midnight but tried to fight off her assailant with a hammer or poker but this was snatched from her and the intruder beat her to death with it.  The fire was an obvious attempt to destroy any evidence and hopefully burn the victims` body so much it would not display the violence inflicted.  A man has spent decades walking about knowing he murdered an aging woman simply for some money and gotten away with it.