Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Royston Jackson - Double Murderer

This man is one of that group that are deemed to dangerous to be released.  He carried out two savage murders that really had no motive.  He was also identified through DNA of a brutal rape of a woman in 1989.  She moved away to rebuild her life and did not want any part of the trial that he eventually faced.  Jackson committed his first murder in April 1989.  His victim was 16 year old Steven Raven, a young man who worked alongside Jackson.  It emerged that Steven Raven had been threatened by Jackson, even with murder.  Jackson was known by a good number of people as a bully and was violent.  On April 29th 1989, a body was discovered in a lane near Dagenham in Essex.  It had been subjected to extreme violence.  It had also been driven over by a car.  Disturbingly, his clothes had been dishevelled and rearranged.  Jackson was arrested, charged and convicted.  He was 23 years old.  He was given life and served sixteen years before being released.

    Jackson emerged from prison in 2006 and moved to Norwich.  He befriended an old man by the name of Gordon Boon, who was on licence for sex offences against his own daughters.  In October 2008, a body was found badly beaten.  The victim was Gordon Boon.  National newspapers picked up on the story and typically ran headlines about a paedophile getting murdered.  Yes, it would be very difficult to be sympathetic to a dead sex offender, but murder is one of the most serious of crimes.  His murderer, was not only a killer beforehand, but he was also a rapist.  That made him a sex offender as well.  Police acquired evidence, through cctv and forensics, plus dismantling Jacksons` alibi, and this secured his conviction.  He made no attempt to defend himself in court.  When given a whole life sentence, he was not bothered at all.  One of the cops who helped put this psycho away, said that if he is ever released, he WILL kill again.

    What was the motive?  Dr. Kerry Daynes believed Jackson got great sexual gratification through brutality.  Some suggestions put it down to being violent after sex.  Jackson openly admitted to being bisexual.  Yet why would Steven Raven get involved with a man who threatened him with violence?  My belief is, like a bully he targeted weaker people, and did what he did for gratification and simply because he felt like it.  A very dangerous man.