Friday, 5 July 2013

Jon Venables - When Will People Wake Up?

There was plenty of headlines in the media about child-killer Jon Venables and the latest new identity he is being given, and there will always be some wanker ready to make excuses for the actions of this individual.  Venables violated the conditions of his parole when he was caught with child porn on his computer and considering that he and Robert Thompson had so horrifically tortured and murdered little Jamie Bulger, this is a huge red flag.  A radio discussion featured a former top cop and on the side of the apologists and whingers was a woman journalist.

    What I found astonishing was that this woman, in my view and no doubt thousands of listeners, ignored just what these two murderers had done.  They had tried to abduct a small child earlier, showing the absolute intention.  Their little victim was dragged for miles, they contemplated throwing him into a canal, they tried to push him in front of incoming vehicles, and they mercilessly slaughtered him in the most sick, evil and twisted way.  HOW CAN YOU EXCUSE AND DEFEND THAT?  She kept on about them being young boys.  This is not fifty or sixty years ago when that could have been argued.  Times do change, as the saying goes, and kids of that age are not the little angelic and innocent kids you might picture them as.  She kept on about rehabilitation and helping him in straightening his life out.  Sure, but little Jamie does not have that option, does he? 

    He has a taste for murder that has come out at a very young age, now he is thirty, and has already shown what he is all about.  He is into child porn and what was revealed in a documentary on the case, is that Venables went around Liverpool, openly bragging about who he is and just exactly what he had done.  Big red flag, anybody?  Venables is now undergoing, according to the media, his FOURTH new identity.  When are they going to stop wasting money on this vermin and let him loose with no protection.  After all, people convicted of sex offences, even against children, do not get this priveleged treatment.

    Venables, obviously, will be on licence for the rest of his life.  Good.  It might hold in check any truly violent urges, knowing he will be shipped straight to prison, but this vermin does not deserve any priveleges or assistance.  People need to wake up to the way the world is turning, and see just what the likes of Venables and Thompson really are.