Thursday, 25 July 2013

Sex Shops - The Myth

One place I deliver to as part of my job, is a sex shop.  Recently, I decided to ask the staff if the long thought of spectre of the "Man in a raincoat" has any truth to it.  One young woman said it was a myth and that they have never had any dodgy looking characters in the shop.  She said that it was couples  wanting to experiment, singles wanting to surprise their partners, men after viagra, but they do have males looking at the dvds for some time but not buying them.   It must have been their way of getting their jollies!

     I remember years back when a small sex shop opened in Ellesmere Port town centre, and it provoked the usual hysterical response from the local newspaper.  The council went in and shut it down.  The local rag cried that such a shop could bring "Seedy looking characters" into the area. My comment was that if they want "seedy looking characters", look no further than the local council!  Then they brought up that bugbear that seems to justify their reasons.  "A school was nearby".  Oh yes, some pervert comes into the area, and to boost his testosterone levels, a quick nip into the adult shop before he makes his way to the school.  I say "What a load of bollocks!"  Paedophiles are that way inclined in the first place, though we never hear how many teachers have been exposed as child sex offenders or have the preference for schoolgirls.  A child pervert will want to get his jollies from child porn but that WILL provoke trouble if a small shop was actually stocking it!  There are people who blame Sigmund Freud for the sexual hangups that has blighted society for generations, particularly with the theory that many men wanted to do their mothers!  The oedipus complex.  However, the "Seedy characters" do not need an adult shop, they just need a computer!!