Sunday, 21 July 2013

Peter Moore - Serial Killer

Peter Moore, the North Wales serial killer, who was one of those poor bastards who complained to the European Court of Human Rights that his "Human Rights" were being violated.  Let us not forget that this sicko permanently violated the civil & human rights of four men.  Not that you will hear scumbag civil liberties groups screaming for the victims.  That never happens.  Moore, born in 1940, was known as "The Man in Black" due to the way he dressed all the time, managed a couple of cinemas in North Wales.  His four victims were killed within a four month period, from September to December 1995.

    His first victim was 56 year old Henry Roberts from Anglesey, stabbed to death in September.  The next month he stabbed Edward Garthy, 28, in Clocoenag Forest after meeting him in a gay bar.  The next victim was 49 year old Keith Randles, whom he stabbed on the A5 road.  His last victim was 40 year old Tony Davies, whom he murdered on Pensarn Beach at Abergele in December 1995.

    Put on trial, he claimed that the murders were comitted bya man called "Jason" but the jury did not believe him and he was lifed off.  He was given a whole life tariff but fought against it twice.  The first time it was rejected but along with two other multiple murderers, he went to the ECOHR, who were very sympathetic to them, saying that they must be given a review after twenty five years.  Oh the poor bastards!  Hang on, let`s ask how the victims feel? What`s that? we can`t, because they are dead and buried.  Pause for great thought there. Mary Riddell.