Sunday, 14 July 2013

Charlie Kray - Downfall of The Last of The Family

This man who was portayed as a man brought down by his brothers` reputations, obviously was involved in shady deals and did trade on the family name.  He was jailed along with his brothers and a number of gang members in the famous trial in 1969.  Versions abound of how much he was involved, depending on which camp the storyteller is in.  He told two versions of his story, the first was a complete denial of his brothers being villains, and they were East End boys made good, which the Police could not stomach.   How did they get away with things for so long without Police protection in one form or another?  He later did a revised edition. 

    Police later stated that he lived an okay existence for years without drawing benefits or paying tax.  It was obvious that he was trading on his family name, and this would have guaranteed that many would have backed off trying anything on with him.  I remember seeing him in a number of interviews in which he appeared permanently suntanned.  No doubt many people wished that they could have been.  What brought him down was a drugs deal, promising to supply substantial amounts of drugs.  Two undercover cops befriended him and spent lavishly on him.  Being the parasite he was, how could he refuse?  He claimed that he wanted to see if he could scam the money from them, but had no intention of supplying drugs.  Sorry Charlie, but when you say, "I can supply......" you have put your head in the noose.  But, as always, greed kicks in and over-rides caution.  He then from jail, was alleged to have asked for contracts to be put out on the two undercover cops, and a man called Gowling, whom he thought was responsible for starting events that led to his jailing.  His name cropped up in the investigations into the murders of Donald Urquhurt and Barbara Gaul.  Gowling was found shot to death.  So much for an innocent man, as mud does stick.

    After Kray died in prison, his grave had no headstone, which showed what many of the Underworld really thought of him, and a fundraiser was held to purchase one.  Six men were photographed around the grave after the headstone was laid.  John Nash, Shaw, Foreman, Pyle, Wilf Pine and "Gang Boss" Lambrianou.  With the exception of the "Gang Boss", the others could easily have bought that headstone for their friend but it probably shows how much they really wanted to put their hands in their pockets.