Monday, 29 July 2013

The Madness of Diana Dial

Murderers have long given various excuses for committing heinous acts and have given truly bizarre defences that beggared belief.  Yet, the reasons Diana Dial gave for killing Jack Ferris, whilst simply bizarre and unbelievable, she truly did believe them.  It showed the extent of her total separation from reality.  She believed that she was being hunted by nazi spies, was being kept under surveillance by enemies with the approval of the White House!  She also believed she was working with the CIA to combat these enemies.

    The start of her mental breakdown began in 1979.  She had married her long time love, George Gallow, and had two children.  But a miscarriage triggered off her breakdown.  She started believing she had been targeted by a woman called Sheryl Thompson, who with friends with enemies in the Nazi Party, the Communist Party, publishers, you name it, they were part of it.  She made her children wear bracelets that were supposed to ward off evil, protect them from the nazis, etc.  After this, her husband filed for divorce.  Diana changed her surname to Dial.  She then went through a phase known as Hypergraphia, which is compulsive letter writing.  She fired them off constantly, to politicians, Police, FBI, the White House, etc, about her being hunted by assassins.  She had a room-mate named Jack Ferris, whom one day she pointed a gun at and shot dead.  Then she calmly called the Police.  Put on trial, she was sentenced to 60 years to life, which is very strange as she is very, very clearly, completely delusional.  She told Dr. Michael Stone that Ferris was one of her pursuers!  She also claimed that these pursuers were responsible for the Oklahoma bombing and had framed Timothy McVeigh!  She truly believed everything she said.  She did not duck any of Dr Stone's questions, did not falter anything she said, and would have been stated as being truthful.  Her body language screamed "She is telling the truth!"  She should be in a secure hospital.