Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Strasbourg Ruling

This is me letting off some steam as this ruling from the European Court in Strasbourg shows just how out of touch these wankers are.  An action brought by five times killer Jeremy "I am innocent" Bamber, quadruple killer Peter Moore and double killer Vinter, crying that their sentences were inhuman and unjust.  Well fuck me sideways.  Now matter how many you kill, you have human rights.  Of course, all the professional apologists and whingers must forget that the victims had their rights to life violated PERMANENTLY.  Naturally, they believe they are victims of the judicial system, but if you cannot do the sentence, DO NOT COMMIT THE CRIME. 

    I have put posts up here about some miscarriages of justice and Police corruption, but that does not mean it applies to all.  Every time these civil liberty & human rights cunts start crying, they conveniently always forget about the victims, their families and the anguish they have endured.  I believe these cunts think that people are entitled to be victims, and the world is full of retards ready to cry for the perpetrators.  No doubt this ruling put a big grin on the face of Scott Lomax, a campaigner for Bamber.  If you ever contact him over miscarriages of justice but are not prepared to stick your tongue up the ass of Bamber, you will get a VERY negative response.  I know.  Teresa May for once spoke truly, saying this Human Rights Act needs scrapping.  The justice system in any country is nothing to do with wankers in Strasbourg.