Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Unsolved Murder : Nancy Daugherty

Back to the cold case USA strategy and today it is the unsolved murder in St Louis County in Minnesota of Nancy Daugherty.  The 38 year old outgoing and very friendly mother of two, was preparing to move to Minneapolis from her home town of Chisholm.  She worked as an aide in a local nursing home and helped out the Chisholm Ambulance Service by volunteering as an EMT.  She was dedicated to helping others.  Her planned move to Minneapolis was so she could work as a paramedic, was for July 16th 1986.  The night before, she was with some friends, when she received a phone call.  She told the caller that she could not talk at that time and the caller should ring back later.  Police later said that Nancy was a very private person when it came to her private life.  She was to be helped in her move by a friend, who went out later that evening with her - July 15th - and they returned to her apartment at 1.00am.  The friend left but remembered that something needed to be asked.  When the friend reached the apartment, Nancy had changed her clothes, which the friend thought was strange.  The friend left.

    At 3.00am, a couple of girls were passing by the house when they heard some screams, followed by choking sounds and sounds of a struggle.  Yet, incredibly, they carried on and went home.  It was 8.00 am when the friend returned, with the intention of helping Nancy move town.  However, he found the house locked up and the curtains drawn.  Getting no answer, he left to return later but still received no answer.  He called the Police, who forced entry, and there they found her.  She was naked in bed, had been strangled and raped.  Death was determined to have occurred between 3.00 & 5.00 am.  What had happened to Nancy?  Who was the mysterious phone caller?  Why did she change her clothes?  This indicates that she must have been going out again.  Was it with the mysterious caller?  (Oh my god!  Me and my trouble stirring guesswork!!)  The girls heard a commotion at 3.00 am, involving screams, choking and a struggle.  No doubt at all, this was her murder.  Why did these girls ignore it and carry on walking?  Again, could it have been the mystery man?  Did she let him in, indicating she knew him?  Did he then dissolve into the background or did he hot foot it out of town?  The case has remained cold for nearly thirty years, so will more modern forensics point to the guilty party?