Monday, 20 July 2015

Elmore "Fuck `em" Davies

I suppose it was only a matter of time before I put up a post about the man who inspired a catchphrase across Merseyside.  This was bared in a fly on the wall documentary series entitled "Mersey Blues" and followed Police around covering major and serious crime.  At times, it resembled the old silent films about the Keystone Kops.  But one episode covered the investigation into a senior officer over allegations of corruption.  This officer was Detective Chief Inspector Elmore "Elly" Davies.  And the covert investigation brought in a tv star ("Warrior - Your cell is.....ready!) who acted as middleman between Davies and big time villain Curtis Warren.  The spark that started this all off was a shooting at a nightclub, The Venue.  Philip Glennon Jr, was facing charges arising from this incident.

    Davies shared a flat in Birkenhead with tv star Michael Ahearne - Warrior - from the show "Gladiators" who knew Warren, and he became the go-between for Warren and Davies.  £10,000 was said to have been offered for information that could scupper the trial of Glennon.  But this all went pear shaped with the arrest of Davies & Ahearne.  At Nottingham Crown Court, Davies received five years, and Ahearne received fifteen months, in 1998.

    Davies had been a copper for thirty plus years, had served in Mike Molloy`s team that smashed much of the drug trade in Birkenhead that had truly exploded towards the mid 1980`s - he was a sergeant at that time.  Now as a DCI, the cameras followed Davies and his team, the drugs squad, as they went about their job.  A promotion was up for grabs and Davies really wanted it, but was passed over.  His disappointment was there for the nation to see as he spat out the immortal phrase "FUCK `EM!!!"  Not surprisingly, this was adopted by people all over Merseyside who walked past people and said "fuck `em!"  At this time, I was working with a good number of lads from Birkenhead, and you kept hearing this for quite some time.  I still like to bring up this catchphrase with my work colleague. I would say "The bile rose in his throat until he could not take it anymore" and he shouts "Fuck `em!"  Brilliant.