Monday, 27 July 2015

Thoughts From The Dark Side PT2

My anonymous correspondent from the USA that I have codenamed "The Chameleon" has given his views on an old unsolved serial killings case from Maryland in the early 1970`s that was given the name by the media as "The Freeway Phantom."  His views can only be construed from the limited information that I was able to dig up.  To truly give it justice, it needs all the facts from the case, maps of areas of homes, abductions and dump sites, the access points of the freeways, etc.  But here is a view from a man who does know about murder; The Chameleon.

"The Freeway Phantom?  There is a lot of stuff we are not being told in these cases.  Like: How was the area lit up or not?  In 1971, it is pretty common to pull over on the side of a freeway and not have a cop stop to check you out.  Without a map showing where these girls lived and disappeared from, it is hard to determine who had access.  Were these girls held captive for days?  Or were they dumped just hours later?  Calling home? (Presumably he means a random attack)  The boyfriend did it to buy him time? (Again, a presumption that cops looked at boyfriends or close male friends?)  Bullshit!  He had time and would take the time to do what he wanted to her.  The Police are guessing badly.

    A bunch of black girls killed.  Probably a black man really did kill them all.  Maybe the Green Vega Gang did it. (A local gang thought to have been involved)  A deal to point at another member is suicide.  The case will never be solved.  Too much time has elapsed.  People die, people move on to reality.  Killing is not what it is cracked up to be.  Just taking too many chances will one day catch up up to us.  And here I am."  

    Not much, I grant you, but as I said, I can only get limited information.  A black man was a suspect but nothing could be proved so it ran nowhere.  Does anybody out there in the U.S. know more than we do?