Friday, 31 July 2015

The Unsolved Murder of Lindsay Jo Rimer

Getting back to unsolved murders on this side of the pond, we look at the case of a young teenage girl that was murdered just over twenty years ago.  The case of Lindsay Jo Rimer, aged 13.  Lindsay, born February 17th 1981, was discovered in the Rochdale Canal five months later, just a mile away from her home in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.  She vanished on the evening of November 7th 1994, as she went to a local Spar supermarket to purchase some food.  She stopped off at a pub, the Trades Club in Holme Street, where her mother was having a drink with a friend.  She asked Lindsay if she wanted to stay and have a soft drink but Lindsay declined, making her way to the shop.  CCTV cameras recorded being in the store at 10.22pm but after that, she vanished.  A huge search was initiated the following day, with hundreds of volunteers searching through the town but nothing was found.

    Police looked into the possibility of family problems and that she simply ran away, but this was strenuously denied by her family.  One of her sisters took part in a reconstruction of her movements that night, but this still did not produce any leads.  Five months later, on April 12th 1995, two workmen came upon her body in the Rochdale Canal.  She had been weighted down. The Post Mortem was carried out by Professor Mike Green at the Royal Halifax Royal Infirmary.  lindsay had been strangled but there was no sign of sexual assault.   Despite an extensive investigation, nobody has been charged.  Suspects such as John Taylor, the killer of Leanne Tiernan, have been looked at but there is nothing to connect him to Lindsay's murder.  As ever, if anybody knows anything, do the decent thing and report it.