Monday, 27 July 2015

Thoughts From The Dark Side PT3

In this post, "The Chameleon" gives his take on the Torrey Pines State Beach murders in 1978 & 1984.  Many incarcerated serial killers avidly watch crime shows on tv, and so are able to have a basic knowledge of some cases.  Here is what he had to say.  "I believe the killer(s) of Barbara Nantais saw an opportunity to have her once they both went to sleep. (Barbara & boyfriend Jim Alt)  He/they clubbed Jim Alt and went after her.  A spur of the moment thing.  Not well thought out.  Imagine young kids, 13, 14, 15 years old, deciding to have some fun.  They club him while he sleeps and when they go after her, it isn't working out as he/they had hoped it would.  So she is killed, sand poured in her mouth and he/they were angry enough to stab her genitalia and cut her breast.  This is an act of someone that blames the woman/girl for not being what he wanted to have.  So he mutilates what has caused him to do what he did.

    Six years later, 1984; Claire Hough found dead - body mutilated, breast severed.  Found at Torrey Pines Beach.  Thing is about DNA.  The cigarettes could have been there before the murder happened.  It means nothing at the moment.  They didn't come forward for whatever the reason. (this means the friends Claire met up with)  Could be they have no idea what has happened.  Not everybody follows the news.  Not everything at a murder scene is involved in the crime.  Lots of cross contamination exits.  What really makes sense is that a woman killed these girls.  (the deadlier than the male syndrome) Profiler John Kelly shouldn't be blaming Vietnam or soldiers or pilots.  That case in Northern California, Wayne Adam Ford.  He walked into a County Sheriff`s office and tossed down a severed breast.  Trouble is; Ford turned himself in in around 2000 thereabouts.  With no mention of Torrey Pines Beach.  Killers don`t forget.  Whoever has killed these young girls, has gotten away with it.  Blame it on the Zodiac killer again."  (this must mean Steve Hodell who blames his father for Zodiac, Black Dahlia and another serial killing!)

    Two suspects emerged but both are dead now.  One was a sex offender and the other a forensics officer.  If it is because of the DNA on the cigarettes, we are not told.  But dead tell no tales, and with cynicism, you could say it conveniently closes the cases.  Jim Alt remains unconvinced and keeps the case in the public eye.  He suffered horrific head injuries that he miraculously survived and suffers PTSD.  He deserves closure as do the families.