Saturday, 11 July 2015

Another Cop Killer Receives Death

Yet another example of somebody drugged up to the eyeballs, who runs amok and commits murders, received his punishment on the gurney in Texas.  Kent Sprouse had been ingesting amphetamine, cannabis and methamphetamine, when in October 2002, he pulled up in a garage in a small town called Ferris, which is situated twenty miles south of Dallas.  He then walked into the store with a shotgun resting over his shoulder.  What would the immediate thought be of the staff on duty?  That`s right! Robbery!!  He then announced that he was having problems with his vehicle, then walked out and returned to his car.  Two men were nearby using a payphone.  For absolutely no reason, Sprouse opened fire at the two men.  Another man was present at the pumps, Pedro Moreno, aged 38.  Then Sprouse turned to this man, innocently filling his vehicle, and shot him dead.

    Staff immediately called 911 and first on the scene was 28 year old cop Harry Steinfeldt.  He was shot by Sprouse after getting out of his patrol car.  Despite wearing body armour, pellets entered through his armpit and into his chest, severely wounding him. Officer Steinfeldt returned fire, wounding Sprouse, but then collapsed and died.  Other officers arriving on the scene arrested Sprouse.  He was convicted of the Capital murders of Officer Steinfeldt and Mr Moreno.  On April 9th 2015, 42 year old Sprouse was executed by lethal injection.  Another example of people going berserk after taking these substances that the pro-drug scumbags say should be legalised.  What will these cunts say to the families of Mr Steinfeldt and Mr Moreno?  Of course, it would never be to their faces.  Would it?