Saturday, 11 July 2015

Double Killer Dodges The Needle

A man died on Death Row in San Quentin prison on April 22nd 2015.  Ray Steele, 67, had spent twenty five years on death row for a sadistic murder in 1988 of a mentally handicapped woman.  Lee Ann Thurman, aged 24, was viciously attacked in her apartment in the town of Redding, in Shasta County.  At the hands of Steele, she endured strangulation, stabbings and mutilation of her sex organs.  Steele then proceeded to leave California and headed into Nevada, stopping off in Reno.  He entered the Circus Circus casino and informed the staff that he had committed murder and that wanted a drink.  Needless to say, the staff called Police who arrested him.  He confessed everything to them.  He was sentenced to death for this crime.  But he had an appalling criminal record.

    Steele had murdered way back in 1971.  The victim was a fifteen year old girl, babysitting for his girlfriend.  She was murdered in a similar way to Lee Ann Thurman, years later.   As in his second murder, he confessed immediately.  He was rewarded with only a second degree conviction!  But that was not the start.  He had a conviction in 1967 for kidnapping and raping a woman.  You can work out that he was treated very leniently as he was out committing the murder of a schoolgirl just four years later!  In the USA, many felons are hit very heavy sentences, yet there are numerous examples of twisted and sadistic felons being given relatively light sentences.  Steele was thought to have died naturally.  His victims did not.  But does that matter to the liberals and bleeding hearts of this world?