Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Thoughts From The Dark Side

This is a controversial post but it will be interesting to see what my readers will think, and no doubt will provoke comments, but we will see where it leads.  A contact in the USA has correspondence with a multiple killer incarcerated until he dies.  My contact suggested questions for him and he duly answered them, all carried out through the third party.  What follows after my question or scenario are entirely his thoughts. I have named him "The Chameleon" for reference purposes.

    Convicts in the US prison system avidly watch crime series or real life documentaries, and naturally many would like to feature in them.  One particular favourite is "Dark Minds" hosted by Matthew Phelps, which looks into unsolved murders.  He is assisted by profiler John Kelly.  Kelly has a "friend" in jail, a serial killer who gives opinions on murders, the killer and possible motives.  He is codenamed "13".  Phelps has one called "Raven"  This is what "Chameleon" thinks of the profiler and related things.

    "I have been asked for years by people about the characters in "Dark Minds" by other killers waiting to be another "13" and recently, the "Raven" person.  The Torrey Pines story?  (Double murder of girls in 1978 & 1984)  All speculation, no real evidence to secure a conviction.  Really easy to blame dead men now they are dead.  It solves nothing.  As for John Kelly, he has his opinions.  Mostly it is all about him.  He feels he is right and everybody else is wrong.  Profilers are like that.  Watch "Criminal Minds" every profile given is the truth, as it turns out on tv.  Play 20 questions long enough, sooner or later, you`ll get something right.  When you do, emphasise what you got right and ignore the the ones you guessed wrong."

    So what goes through a killers` mind when he looks for a victim?  What are his motivations?  Does he select victimology rigidly, as in Criminal minds?

    "Murder is a mindset.  We believe we can murder, drop the body and move on.  That we are doing a job.  We see it as a job.  Not a hobby.  We are motivated by the idea we are still not in custody. We witness how it is really going on.  We no longer fear God because God`s followers have no idea we are killers.  A guilt trip left us a long time ago.  Paranoia went out of the window.  We see things most people will not even give a second glance.  We will understand who we have to watch out for.  As a murderer, we become more aware of everyone around us.  We see who is watching us, watching them.  Go to a mall or busy center and sit down and study people.  You`ll begin to see behaviour patterns develop.  As a killer, you soon realise who can be gotten and how to get them."

    This person is very much real, and has committed a number of homicides.  Regular readers will notice that for some time, I have been featuring unsolved murders, unsolved serial killings and such.  My aim is to try and get into the minds and motives of these killers, but it is important to remember, these people do not operate to a strict regime as depicted in Criminal Minds.  Not everything is set in stone.