Saturday, 18 July 2015

Bill of Rights - What a Joke!

Here we go with this not very fair isle attempting to do something that has been in practice for many, many generations in the United States.  Every time this country tries to copy the American model, it is a spectacular failure.  The laughable attempts to form our own version of the FBI, resulted in the National Crime Squad.  Instead of fighting your way into this squad, it was an amalgamation of the Regional Crime Squads.  Do people remember the scandal of the extensive corruption in the South East Regional Crime Squad?  Or the Midlands RCS using a professional "Agent Provocateur" Graham Titley, to persuade people to set up criminal enterprises and then grassing them up?  Or officers from the North East RCS with close ties to drug smuggler Brian Charrington?  Not good at all!

    Now politicians want to set up a Bill of Rights for us Brits.  Will it have anything like the US First Amendment?  That is, the right to free speech or an opinion.  Not a fucking chance!  There are too many barristers and solicitors in Parliament to allow that to happen.  No matter what political party they represent, they will all band together to stop any repeal of our draconian libel laws.  It would mean that certain firms of solicitors would have to start practicing other areas of law, resulting in a severe drop in income, and having to put up with the tantrums of the luvvies of the showbiz world, because they all can longer come crying and wailing when somebody makes the merest suggestion of something.  When these libel cases go to court, the only winners are the lawyers.  Private Eye magazine once commented that IT firms supplying useless systems to various organisations, were making so much money from the "Pisspoor systems" that libel lawyers were envious.  Says it all, doesn't it?  Private Eye also refers to the USA as "The land of the free" in other words free speech.  Nobody used our draconian libel laws to threaten and silence critics, more than the "Bouncing Czech" Robert Maxwell.  Will things change?  I will not be holding my breath.