Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Burglary Spree in My Neck of The Woods

Getting away from the world of murder and high profile crime, an area that I work everyday, has been hit by a spate of burglaries.  The number of places that have been hit, in a small area, truly stunned me.  Some of these people had cars stolen as well.  Last week, two homes, very close together, were hit in the early hours.  Whilst I was being told about this, one young guy came out of his home to tell me and one of his neighbours, that he discovered his family home front door open, and the downstairs ransacked whilst his parents were asleep upstairs.  One of the cars that was stolen, was found with a smashed in front end, on a rough and notorious estate.  I was informed of this today.  What was more sinister, that same night, further up the road, a resident awoke to look out of his bedroom window, to see a man wearing a ski mask, enter his garden.  He chased this perpetrator off.  But when some scumbag is masked up, this surely means he had either an extremely violent intention or he was a sexual predator searching for a victim.  Whilst working, I informed as many people in the area as I saw, to be extremely vigilant and be security conscious.  Not surprisingly, women were shook up at the thought of a masked intruder being in the area.

    What are the Police doing?  These were the words of the man who told me of these incidents - me and my buddy call him "The Vigilante" because he knows what goes on in his little area.  We all know that the Police are stretched to breaking point, despite the usual bullshit spouted that crime is falling sharply, and endorsed by dickheads who have no conception of the real world.  If the perpetrators are caught, the usual load of bollocks will be put up as excuses; unemployment, poverty, marginalisation, etc, etc, etc.  The real reason is these bastards do not want to work.  Why should they graft for a living when they can steal.  Why should they be part of "The Mugs" who work their fingers to the bone for a living.  Many people live hand to mouth but do they go and rob somebody`s car?  No!  Do they break into a house and ransack it?  No!!  Some of you will probably disagree with me but I have stated before, I have had two cars stolen - never got them back! - cars vandalised and numerous attempts to break in to my former home.  Try to excuse the actions of the bone idle scumbag bastards when you have suffered that!!!!

    But one person, whose sick diatribe always got my back up, was Joe Strummer.  Was this arsehole a "working class hero?"  Was he fuck!  Did he come from a shithole council estate?  No chance!  His father was a barrister.  He came from a good background.  Oh dear, not a truly heroic upbringing.  Strummer made his money, with the Clash, in that land of Capitalism, the good ole USA.  Strummer harped on about people having wealth, but certainly had no hesitation in accepting it from the capitalist Americans.  (No offence intended for my US readers)  Do people remember the comments from this "hero" when rioting occurred here and he claimed that looters were being "provoked" into action.  When Classic Rock did a feature on him after he exited, it said he had not done anything for a number of years.  Nice to know that you can do nothing for years but still get by very nicely.  How many of you out there can sit on your arse for years but do not have to worry about being able to survive?  Unfortunately, in the real world, people have to do something to get by.  Strummer had no worries.  After all, the land of capitalism saw to that.  One of my colleagues calls Strummer "a fake" but he is a massive fan of Roy Harper.  Anything to say about him and I will pass it on.  Is the true "working class hero" Billy Bragg?