Thursday, 4 September 2014

Views From The Soapbox PT2

Today I found out that one of my customers has started a near three and a half year jail sentence for unlawful sex - underage - and assault on the girl.  It comes as a shock that you find somebody you start to know is doing things that will lead him to be segregated.  You cannot help but feel a bit unclean, particularly as he received a 7 year sentence in 1990 for the very same offence. This was long before I came here, but in the first segment of my duty, there has been 5 drug raids, one immigration raid, one suspected dead body, two sex offences, a guy who tried to set fire to his girlfriends` house with her trapped inside, then he intended to commit suicide whilst she burned....  He was locked up in a secure hospital.

    How about money laundering?  You should be able to discern the sarcasm that is to follow.   Crooks need to hide money and show a legitimate source for it if need be.  So why not stash it in your bank account?  Who would dream of looking for it there?  Then transfer it to an overseas account, and bring it back in carrier bags.  Customs are not to know.  But the "launderer" is now a guest of Her Majesty.  I wonder if his acolytes were saying "Oh Don Corleone, what a genius you are!"  Me, I cannot understand financial matters, but to hide money or attempt to launder it, I would have opened business accounts in Dublin, Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey & Sark.  Also would have been very careful how much was put into the accounts, as over a certain amount has to be reported to authorities.  The Channel Islands are hot spots for laundering and shoving money offshore.  Dublin is not subject to UK laws, and the IoM has it`s own banking laws - unless that has changed recently.  But if you have to go onto the Continent, then you go no further than Luxembourg or Lichenstein.   They have taken over from Switzerland as the "go to" country for hiding money.  But then again, I am not a criminal genius like "Don Corleone".  The judge said he displayed a degree of professionalism!!!!!!  

    The one subject that does get my back up, and that is drugs.  You get the people who cry for decriminalisation but these fucknuts never want to see the ugly side.  As I have stated before, I challenge anybody to take in my stepson, late 20`s and drugs has always been his world.  If it is so cool, then unless you have a bottomless pit of money or supply of free drugs, you will not have him there very long.  Another academic or somebody has called for legalisation.  Is this fucker going to lecture kids in school on how to inject safely?  Is he going to say "You can go to the official Government pusher for anything, but if you cannot get the money, do what they have always done.  Rob your family, mug the pensioner on pension day, burgle homes, mug people in the street.  We do not care how, just give us the money!"  This sends the message out that drug addiction is ok.  It is not for those thousands of families who have been torn apart by addicted family members.  It is a nightmare.  But as long as some cunt who is up his own arse does not have it, why should he care?