Thursday, 18 September 2014

New York`s East River - A Dumping Ground?

The East River in New York was thought by cops to have been used as a burial site for victims killed by a notorious Mafia assassin named Edward Esposito.  This killer was the nephew of Joe Colombo, the head of one of the five mob families that operated in the city.  Esposito hanged himself in a wood in New Jersey after he was suspected of killing detective Richard Snyder.  He was said to have come across Snyder with his estranged wife, something that Italians, especially mob guys, hate very, very much.  How many women they have on the side is irrelevant.  Snyder`s car was seen by a cop being driven in the river area by Esposito.  The small area was known as Hell`s Gate.  Then he was spotted walking away from the area. It was October 1984.

    Police sent in divers to search that area of the river, and they came across a number of cars.  One was towed out, and a body was found wrapped in a blanket in the boot.  But it was not Snyder.  The body was that of a missing Philadelphia villain named Robert Fratello.  More cars were pulled out.  They found the body of Richard Snyder.  Another car had a human bone in it, sparking the fears that it was a dumping ground for Esposito.  So the NY Harbour Police were tasked in dragging all the cars found by divers, but it is not known if any more remains were found.