Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Gypsy Joker MC

This outlaw motorcycle club is an old and established one that stretches back to the mid 1950`s.  As ever, these clubs are said by Law Enforcement to be involved in Organised Crime, something they have always refuted.  There could be a lot of truth in what author and journalist Yves Lavigne said about the Hells Angels, and this could be true about all other OMGs, is that they are NOT a criminal organisation, but an organisation of criminals.  Meaning that not all are involved in illegal activity.  The GJ club has denied any illegal activity.  The origins of the club go back to being formed in 1956 in San Francisco, and built up a number of chapters throughout California.  But the main rivals they had were the Hells Angels, who were the powerfulest club in the country.

    The HA applied pressure to the GJ to move out of California, as they regarded that as their turf, and theirs alone.  So the club moved out of state and settled in 1967 in both Oregon & Washington.  Over the years, members of the club have been jailed or killed but they state that they cannot be held responsible for the actions of a few.  A line all the OMGs take.  They expanded the club around the world, by establishing chapters in Norway, South Africa, Australia & Germany.  The total number of chapters is around 35.  The GJs in Australia were involved in the car bomb murder of former top cop Don Hancock.  It was said to have been in retaliation for a shooting of a club member, in which it is believed that Hancock pulled the trigger.

    One incident which caused a storm of controversy in Oregon, was when a 25 year old woman named Jacklynn Rashaun Ford was shot dead by Police in Salem, Oregon.  She had a dog set upon her and she screamed for it to be pulled off.  As she got up, according to witnesses, she was shot.  They stated that she was unarmed.  Police said a gun was found at the scene.  They said that Jacklynn Ford had some sort of connection to the GJ MC, but what that connection was, was never made clear.  The whole incident enraged the biker community.  A club that has been expanding into Oregon, their territory, is the Mongols, from California.  This club has been at war with the HA for many years and had been recruiting extensively.  They fear and back down from nobody, a stance that has propelled them into the biker bigtime.