Monday, 8 September 2014

The Murder of Leonard Naylor

It was in April of 2001 that 46 year old Len Naylor was returning to his home in Bracondale close, Istead Rise, near Gravesend in Kent, that a man in dark clothing, stepped forward and shot Mr Naylor 3 or 4 times, as he emerged from his car, on the driveway of his home.  A white Bedford Rascal van drove up quickly and the assassin jumped in and then it sped off.  It was found burned out in an underpass by the A2, about a mile away from the scene of the crime.  Mr Naylor, a former taxi driver, was dead.  The killing was witnessed by members of his family.  Police now had to establish a motive for what was called a "professional hit" and they soon had some background on the victim.

    Len Naylor had been arrested in East London in 1996 for an attempted murder with a machete, but this was dropped as the victim completely refused to co-operate with Police.  Then he served a couple of years in jail for drug offences.  One claim made was that Len Naylor had a habit of not paying for goods received or services provided, and this could have provided another motive.  Len Naylor was the son of Stan Naylor, a man who had received 12 years in the early 70`s for his part in a war between the Tibbs family and the Nicholls family and their associates.