Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Jefferson Davis Parish Murders

A long running unsolved multiple homicide case that has thrown up serious and sinister allegations that local Police are responsible for the murders of eight women between 2005 & 2009.  The women were all involved in prostitution and drugs, and their bodies were dumped in swamps and canals around the town of Jennings, in Jefferson Davis Parish, in Louisiana.  Most of the victims were to decomposed to determine the cause of death.  One story that ran, was that a serial killer was on the loose, but investigative work by author Ethan Brown, has thrown a very sinister light on the whole case.  

    The roll call of victims is as follows; Lynn Lewis, 28, found by a fisherman in a river on May 20th 2005.  Ernestine Patterson, 30.  Her throat had been slit.  Kristen Lopez, 21.  Whitnei Dubois, 26.  Laconia Brown, 23.  Her throat had been slashed.  Crystal Benoit, 24.  Britney Gary, 17, & Necole Guillory, 26.  She was found dumped beside Interstate 10 in 2009.  All the victims knew each other, some shared rooms, and some were related.  It has been said that all were informants for local Police, which could initially supply a motive.  But in a small town, what sort of super crimes would be going off to justify killing so many women?

    Then another story was that victim Kristen Lopez, along with others, witnessed Police shoot dead drug pusher Leonard Crochet.  An investigation by a Grand Jury, cleared Police with a recommendation of no charges.  A State Police investigation decided that Crochet was not armed when he was killed.  Now, all these women were being killed by cops to silence them over the shooting of Crochet.  Not made clear was the fact that did all the rest of the alleged witnesses to the shooting, start popping up dead.  One woman telling others simply does not add up.  If ALL witnesses were mysteriously dying, then there is most definitely something going on.  Ethan Brown uncovered many mistakes in the Sheriff`s Office investigations, that was leading to evidence being destroyed or lost.  Bungled murder hunts are nothing new.  They have been going on ever since we had Police forces.

    A person did emerge into the mix, and that was Frank Richard, a crackhead, strip joint owner and a man who admitted having sex with most of the victims.  In other words, he was a frequent user of prostitutes.  A claim made, was that evidence was destroyed at the request of Richard, but no explanation as to WHY.  Brown believes there are multiple offenders at large here, and that can be extremely likely.  One piece of evidence obtained, was that all the victims frequented a house.  A story was told that one man who was there, acted aggressively to one of the women later killed.  If so, then why did they not come forward straight away?  All this bullshit about not talking to cops, is exactly that; bullshit!  If some nutcase looks like he could have killed your friend, then you do something about it.  You tell the cops.  By being "staunch" you could be the next victim!  As bodies pile up around you, by keeping quiet, do you expect people to stand up and applaud you?  No.  It quite simply will never happen.

    The case was covered in "Dark Minds" by Matthew William Phelps, and in an interview with the brother of one of the victims, Phelps was told that this man believes the cops had them killed because they were provided for politicians or powerful people, for their gratification.  Their silence was paramount.  I find this completely ridiculous.  Why?  If you were a politician and was being given a hooker for your pleasure, then surely you would expect a high class girl.  Not a drug using street walker who will entertain anybody, so as to get the money for their next fix.  This is commonsense.  What would you think of a politician who caught a dose and has to get treatment because he likes to fuck any type of hooker?  Imagine this "Hey Police Chief, go down to skid row and find me a whore.  I`m horny!"  Yeah right.

    Are the cops involved?  If so, why?  What can be so bad that a number of women are killed over a four year period?  Why not eliminate them as as soon as possible?  My belief?  A couple of killers at large who like what they do, and prostitutes are disposable victims.  Not very nice to say, but it is the truth.  Many people will not care, so long as it does not encroach on their lives.  Regardless, people should stand up and see the actual killers brought to justice.