Friday, 26 September 2014

Solved: The Murder of Yolande Waddington

Another tale to warm the hearts of the law abiding and cause rivers of tears for the bleeding hearts and do-gooders.  After 46 years, a brutal killer finally paid the price for his act of evil.  He was jailed for a minimum of 27 years, and will be in his nineties before he could be considered for release.  Cue sobs from the do-gooders, civil liberties and human rights scumbags.  The fact that this bastard is also a double child killer, will, of course, make no difference to them.  This waste of sperm is David Burgess.  His three victims were Yolande Waddington, Jeanette Wigmore & Jacqueline Williams.  Naturally, their names will be conveniently forgotten by the aforementioned scumbags.

    This sick tale stretches back to 28th October 1966.  17 year old Yolande Waddington, had just gotten a job as a nanny, working at a farmhouse.  It was the night of October 28th that Yolande visited the Six Bells pub in Beenham, to buy a few small items.  That was the last time she was seen alive.  Reported missing, a search by Police found her body.  She had been stripped, her hands tied behind her back, twine tightly wound around her neck, and her body dumped in a ditch.  She had also been stabbed a number of times.  Bits of bloody clothing was discovered in a barn, that belonged to Yolande.  Police questioned Burgess as he sustained a cut finger, had scratch marks on his face and owned a knife exactly like the murder weapon.  He denied any involvement.  Police began a blood screening of all males in the village, but there was no match, mysteriously, to Burgess.  But at that time, there was no DNA technology.  That was twenty years away.  With no firm evidence, the case was wound down in 1967.

    Then in April 1967, the bodies of two nine year old girls were found by a gravel pit known as Blakes Pit, off Webb Lane in Beenham.  A huge search had been undertaken by Police and the public.  One volunteer was David Burgess.  One girl had been drowned, the other had her throat cut.  Questioned by Police, Burgess claimed he saw a man he called "McNab" standing over the body of a child.  He was charged with two murders and convicted in July 1967, being jailed for life.  In 1996, Burgess escaped from an open prison, Leyhill, at Wooton - Under - Edge in Gloucester, and was on the run for 18 months.  He was recaptured after an armed robbery in Havant, Hampshire.  Then, more than ten years later, the case was re-examined by Thames Valley Police.  He was interviewed about it, but started taunting cops, saying to them "Prove it!"  Yes, all the hallmarks of an innocent man.  Prove it they certainly did.  The clothing of Yolande had been preserved, and DNA was lifted from it.  It matched to Burgess.  Convicted in July 2012, he appeared bored by all the proceedings and had a good laugh when taken from the dock.  There is a cure for shit like this; the Chinese method.  A bullet to the back of the head.  A punishment proposed by a tradesman I know, who was questioned three times over the Ripper murders, because he had tools, and popped up in places where cops were investigating.  He was a freelancer, and travelled about but was no killer, as he was able to prove.

    The families of all three victims now know Burgess will only come out of prison in a box.  But with the whingers and bleeding hearts, that could just change.  A frightening thought.