Saturday, 13 September 2014

More Unsolved Vermont Murders

Back to the unsolved murder casebook, and this is about two cases that have long run cold.  The first case concerns 42 year old Cheryl Peters.  Cheryl was separated and had taken to renting an apartment in Morrisville, Vermont, and had taken in a room-mate to help out with bills.  This was a man named Richard Fitzgerald, and things were fine between the two of them.  But Richard was to come home to a horrific sight on 2nd September 1993.  He found Cheryl shot dead, with a head shot.  He immediately called Police and canvassing the area, found a witness.  The night before, the witness saw a man, with dark hair and moustache, weighing 170 - 200 pounds, enter the apartment.  This mystery man left five or six minutes later, carrying a large bag.  Police have been unable to trace this man, and 21 years on, it remains an open case.

    The second case involves the murder of 31 year old Angela Blouin, in the spring of 1993.  Her body was found dumped on Side Road, in the town of Derby, in Vermont.  Miss Blouin was last seen leaving a store in nearby Newport, but nobody seems to have seen if she met somebody, or was accosted or accepted a lift from somebody.  Information on this case is thin on the ground, but as ever, if anybody knows anything, call it in.