Thursday, 11 September 2014

Neddy Smith - Sydney Gangster & Killer

Neddy Smith was one of those villains that played both sides of the fence.  He was a major player in the Sydney Underworld, but what made him stand out was his association that completely upstanding protector of Law & Order, Detective Roger Caleb Rogerson.  He stands in the annals of big time crooked cops like Ray Kelly, Don Fergusson & Fred Krahe.  Involved in every type of crime, Smith was eventually jailed in 1990 for the murder of a trucker named Glen Flavell.  During a traffic altercation, he stabbed Flavell to death.  But the shit really hit the fan, when Smith was covertly recorded talking to a cellmate, and he dropped a huge bombshell.  He had committed six murders, including the murder of a prostitute named Sallie-Anne Huckstepp.  Miss Huckstepp was murdered, because he, Smith, hated for being an alleged Police informer.  He also was said to to have despised her lifestyle!  She was a junkie also.  Hmmm!  A man who later co-operated with authorities that required segregation in prison, committed every crime under the sun, including murder, and he disapproved of the way she lived.  Dear kettle, yours sincerely, pot!

    Another bothersome part about Sallie-Anne Huckstepp, was that her lover was Warren Lanfranchi, who was shot dead on the street by none other than Smith`s great friend, Roger Rogerson, who claimed Lanfranchi reached for a weapon.  Sallie-Anne frequently said that her lover had been set up to be killed, so it seemed inevitable that she had to be silenced.  Another murder he confessed to, was that of Brian Alexander, a Law clerk, on December 22nd 1981.  A story was that he was attached to a heavy fireplace and thrown off a boat into the sea - portrayed in the OZ series "Underbelly".  His revelations led him to face numerous more murder charges.  The victims were Harvey Jones, who ran brothels, Bruce Sandery, an armed robber, Lewton Shu, a drug pusher & Sallie-Anne.  The graves of Sandery & Jones were discovered close together on Botany Bay.  He was convicted of murdering Jones and remained in jail.  Then, like many other villains, he went into autobiography, and did speak about his relationship with Rogerson.  Naturally, he was rather vague about certain details about murdering Jones, but then again, do these people stand up and say, "I killed him because I am an evil bastard, I rob because I am workshy and when cops get bothersome, I pay them off because jail scares me."  No, did not think so.