Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The Child Sex Scandals

It seems impossible to pick up a newspaper without having headlines about sex scandals involving underage children.  Cleveland, Rochdale, Oxford, Rotherham and now one in Bradford, you feel that it is never going to end.  More and more predators & paedophiles are being exposed, which gives a strong impression that for many years, these disturbing problems were simply brushed under the carpet by council services and the Police.  It is only since the expose` of Jimmy Savile has this problem been accepted.  Reports emerged that these incidents were well known about for years, but as in the case of Savile, the pathetic excuse was "he was too powerful."  Bullshit.  Nobody is above the law, it comes down to the weak and gutless  approach of authorities.  Savile was said to have paid off cops.  If you need to do that, then you are guilty.  When questioned by Police, he virtually gave the orders.  He was never taken to a station to be interviewed formally, he bullied and blustered at them and they also grovelled and toadied to him for asking such questions.  

    Over the years, we had the "Wolfpack" child abusers who were involved in the death of young Jason Swift and thought to be behind the deaths of other young children.  Sick fucks like Sidney Cooke, and Leslie Bailey.  Bailey was murdered inside prison but for some reason, the worst of them all, Cooke, has gotten away with it.  Probably too well segregated.  Then the Satanic abuse bollocks kicked off, with lurid reports of parents offering their children as sacrifices to witches covens.  We heard these stories about sacrifices in the North East - Durham or Cleveland, and also Rochdale.  It makes you think of those Hollywood films where the whole town are Satanists.  Substitute the accents for North Eastern or Lancashire, and then take it seriously.  Yeah.  There is an American woman over here who not only believes this garbage but seems to see Satanism everywhere, and there are the gullible bastards who hang on to her every word!

    The scandals that broke recently, Oxford, Rochdale(again!) Rotherham, and now mass grooming in Bradford, show that this is much more widespread than authorities would like to acknowledge.  The common denominator in these four, is that the main protagonists are Asian.  Grooming in Bradford was exposed by television, years back, and yes, it was young Asian men and very young white girls.  Many marriages of Asians are arranged marriages, but obviously, these men want their white meat before that happens, or even if married.  The Rotherham scandal threw up the accusation that authorities were scared of Asians using the race card.  Of course they would.  Truth hurts does n`t it?  This is not to say that they are all at it.  Far from it.  Many are extremely law abiding and concerned about how these scandals affect their communities.  In truth, there are young people who believe that their culture and skin colour entitles them to behave as they want whilst everybody else has to adhere to the law.  Again, truth hurts.