Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Murders of Kay Wyllie & Nancy Nicol

These two murders took place in the mid 1980`s in Scotland but the killer was apprehended by the Police, convicted and originally sentenced to 20 years but a ruling by Europe in 2002 decreed that a minimum sentence should be imposed on killers before parole is considered.  The sentence for the killer, Andrew Cameron, was set at 30 years.  His first victim was 19 year old Kay Wyllie.  She had left her boyfriends` home in Drybridge, Dundonald, and drove home in her Mini, to the hotel her parents owned.  She never made it home.  She was last seen on July 4th 1984, and found two days later, in a ditch, in Wellington Lane, Dunure, 500 yards from her parents hotel.  She was half naked and had been strangled with her own bra.

    Police soon received an anonymous letter with keys belonging to Kay inside.  A note stated that the writer looked into Kay`s abandoned car and helped himself to keys and a digital clock.  Cameron who was known to Police, was questioned and admitted he took the digital clock.  Police took the step of asking through a newspaper, for the person who may have taken the clock to come forward.  Two men did, admitting they took it from the empty car.  This seriously undermined the story of Cameron but they had nothing to charge him on.  Then in May 1985, Nancy Nicol, from Kilmarnock, vanished.  Cameron was questioned on this and he confessed to strangling the 18 year old, then dumping her body into the sea.  He also said, "It was like that girl last year as well," no doubt referring to Kay.  He was convicted on majority verdicts on both charges.

    One person who believed in the complete innocence of 19 year old Cameron, was his mother.  Cameron came from a well off family and lived in a very plush and expensive home, but this in way means that a person cannot be a killer.  Background, wealth, connections, etc, mean absolutely nothing.  Everybody has the propensity to commit heinous crimes, but there are those who see absolutely no wrong in their offspring and they had to have been fitted up by the Police.  Love is blind.