Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Unsolved Murders of Wendy Knell & Caroline Pierce

The next couple of murders in the Unsolved Casebook were committed down in Tunbridge Wells in Kent, in 1987, which have striking similarities making it seem very plausible that the same offender is responsible for both crimes. The first was that of Wendy Knell, aged 26.  She was found badly beaten in her bedsit.  She had also been sexually assaulted.  There were no signs of forced entry to her room, indicating she may have been familiar with her assailant, and had no worries about him.  No sounds had been heard by other tenants.  The case remains open.

    The second murder was that of 20 year old Caroline Pierce, who like Wendy, lived in a bedsit.  A bedsit is a house with all rooms turned into living quarters, where you could have a small kitchen, but usually share a bathroom with other tenants, and probably a kitchen as well.  Caroline was found 40 miles away, in a ditch, three weeks after she had vanished.  She had been strangled.  This case remains open also.  What do we make of the circumstances?  Single women in bedsits?  A predator would view them as easier targets being on their own.  Wendy was murdered in her room, no signs of forced entry, showing familiarity with the killer.  Caroline was found 40 miles away.  She would have been comfortable in getting into a car with this man, but did he try it on with her and she fought back, so in a rage he strangled her, then dumped her body well out of the way?  He would probably be familiar with the area, as you never know who may be around or driving by.  It could have been a busy area for traffic, or isolated.  He would have needed time to get the body into the ditch, as contrary to film & TV, moving dead weight is not easy at all.  Why in murder scenes are there drag marks?  Dead weight.  As ever, if anybody reading this has any information, pass it on to Police.