Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Original Night Stalker

The Original Night Stalker is not to be confused with the Richard Ramirez case.  This started some years before Ramirez started his killing rampage, and this offender has been given varying names; The Golden State Killer, The Diamond Knot Killer and The East Bay Rapist.  it was not until 2001 that DNA positively linked 50 plus rapes committed in Northern California between 1976 & 1979 and ten murders of single people and couples in Southern California from 1979 to the mid 80`s.  This assailant is believed to have murdered as many as 13 people.  The start of this man`s long spree is believed to go back to the mid 70`s when a burglar known as the "Visalia Ransacker" was striking at many homes.  There was a murder in this spree as a journalist was shot dead as he attempted to stop a masked man kidnapping his daughter.  Was this the first kill by the ONS?  Then, a cop on watch in an area surprised a masked  burglar.  He fired a warning shot which made the burglar surrender, but then he produced a gun and fired which temporarily blinded the officer though did not hit him.  He made his escape by doubling back through where Police were before they could secure the area.  The break-ins at Visalia ceased but then began in Sacramento.

    The sexual attacks began on June 18th 1976 and carried on until July 5th 1979.  He started stalking single women.  He staked out middle class suburbs, which has given rise to speculation about his motives.  On a couple of occasions, a prowler was seen in some areas and was chased off.  One youth saw this masked man and gave chase, but this almost turned fatal when the assailant turned and shot the young man, severely wounding him.  Now it was clear that this man had no hesitation in shooting to kill.  Irvine was also a town that saw sex attacks and murders by this man.  He was seen easily jumping over fences, so it was believed that he was very physically fit.  His attacks involved bondage, humiliation of the men, violent sexual assault of the women, and in cases, murder of them both.  So just who was this maniac?  Three suspects were thoroughly investigated but eventually cleared.  It was in 2001 that the advances in DNA technology linked the Northern California rapes with the rapes and murders in Southern California.

    Speculation grew on what was the psychological profile and the motivations of the assailant.  His areas of attack were middle class, so was this him attacking his own middle class background?  He was cool under pressure.  His attacks were planned as he took his time, knowing nothing was going to happen unexpectedly.  This points to military training.  It is believed that he kept his victims under surveillance for some time, getting to know their routines precisely.  Again, this points to a military background, as how do you keep disciplined for long periods of time unless you have learned about observation.  Let us face it, no ordinary rapist would stalk a victim for long periods of time, because he would want to get in there to the victim.  Extreme patience is a trait that most criminals do not, and never will possess.  He had escape routes planned.  He was scaling fences with ease, showing great fitness.  

    What do I think?  First off, if he did spend great time watching his victims, then to know precisely their routines, then surely he does not work.  This would state that mummy & daddy keep him, indicating that they must have money, and this throws up that they are middle class.  Why would he attack the very social structure that allows him to carry out his attacks?  His fitness?  Then surely he must work out at a gym.  If I am right about him not working, then his family are not bothered by his nocturnal wanderings, and he did switch from Northern to Southern California.  Why was he targeting middle class neighbourhoods?  Simple.  A better class of victim.  A woman did survive an attack by this man and she gave a very telling piece of information.  He was not very well endowed.  I believe this says plenty about his motivations.  If he was in the military then surely having a small tool would have made him a target of ridicule.  Face it, the military is a VERY macho world.  This would give inferiority complexes, so the only way he can regain control is by fear and violence.  Has he decided to punish people because of the size of his manhood?  Speculation on his sex life is that it is dominated by bondage, force, and obedience, so why has no woman come forward to say that a former boyfriend had an obsession about bondage, violent sex and had a small tool.  That would be very conclusive.

    There have been no more attacks attributed to this man for nearly three decades yet in 1991, he made taunting phone calls to one of his victims.  Has he been jailed for a violent crime, elsewhere in the USA?  But then again, surely his DNA profile has been run through the FBI`s national DNA database?  If convicted, how could he be missed on a database?  Or was it before they started routine swabbing?  He did call a victim in 1991.  There is no doubt in my mind that either family or some friends have protected him, and maybe some women are too scared to come forward.  With as many as thirteen victims attributed to him, what would one or two more mean?  Surely, there are people out with strong suspicions.  Pass them onto the authorities if you do.  Get this man put on death row where he belongs, and as it says on one forum about this killer, "never forget the victims."