Thursday, 24 July 2014

Edwin "Ned" Snelgrove - Killer

This double killer is doing a very nice 60 year sentence for a murder and an attempted murder, that sees him as ineligible for parole until he is 103 years of age.  The sentence alone tells you that this is in the USA, as such a sentence in this country would have howls and screams of the justice system being barbaric.  Not that you would hear the scumbag professional apologists calling the crimes that!  But Snelgrove is a dangerous individual who does what he can to convince people he really was innocent, and is a very manipulative person.  Author Matthew William Phelps believes Snelgrove is responsible for the murder of Jane Goodwin, which officially is unsolved.  I will make a post about that case separate from this.

    Edwin Fales Snelgrove Jr, born in 1960, became a suspect in the murder of his girlfriend Karen Osmun, a 23 year old from New Brunswick in New Jersey.  She met Snelgrove and dated for some time, as they both attended Rutgers University.  Karen failed to show up at her parents home in Bricktown, New Jersey, for dinner, on December 24th 1983.  They alerted Police, who discovered her body in her apartment.  She had been strangled and stabbed numerous times.  What struck Police as bizarre, as there was no sexual assault and all the stab wounds were in the breasts.  Snelgrove was the prime suspect but they could not find enough evidence to charge him, and so the murder went cold.  For a couple of years.  A woman named Mary Ellen Renard, 44, met a man in a New Jersey nightclub.  This much younger man, left the club after her but her car failed to start and so he helped her get it started.  He said he would follow her home to ensure she made it safely.  After she entered her home in Elmwood, he asked to use the bathroom, and as she let him in, he violently attacked her, trying to sexually assault her and stabbing at her, but she managed to flee and run to a neighbour who called Police and paramedics.  The man fled.  Despite her injuries, she was able to identify her assailant as Edwin Snelgove.

    Snelgrove was arrested and surprisingly pleaded guilty to the attack on Mary Ellen & the murder of Karen Osmun.  A deal saw him receive 20 years( a very light sentence) for Aggravated Manslaughter, Criminal Sexual Contact & Criminal Attempted Homicide.  He served just under 11 years!!!!  Why?  Because he was a very nice and well behaved young man.  Prosecutors objected to his release but a parole board deemed him no danger to the public!!!  Snelgrove went on to prove this, after his release in 1999and moving to Hartford, Connecticut.  Carmen Rodriguez, 33, was seen leaving a bar with a man in December 2001, and her body was found on 6th January 2002, in Hopkinton, Rhode Island.  He was hog tied and wrapped in nearly a dozen trash bags.   The man identified as leaving the bar with her was Snelgrove.  He was charged with the murder of Carmen in October 2003 and went to trial in 2005.  The Judge allowed his past record be entered into evidence and he was convicted and sentenced to 60 years.  He appealed against his criminal record being used as evidence but in 2008, a Supreme Court confirmed his conviction and sentence.

    Snelgrove attempted to model himself on Ted Bundy, seeing him as a person to be looked up to and himself having a superiority complex, like Bundy.  He claims he is innocent, and tries to manipulate people to his way of thinking.  A cold case detective showed Snelgrove a photo of Jane Goodwin.  His response was to turn away and say nothing.  A sign of Guilt?