Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Lethal Injection Controversy

The execution method of lethal injection has run into recent controversy over the Judicial System experimenting with different cocktails of drugs, due to chemical companies in Europe refusing to supply the drugs for executions.  The States in the USA that still carry out the Death Penalty are either trying different combinations of chemicals or have suspended executions temporarily.  What caused the storm was the botched execution in April of this year, of a sadistic killer.  Clayton Lockett, aged 38, had come to the end of a 14 year stay on Death Row in Oklahoma, but the botched execution saw Lockett thrash about on the gurney and he finally died from a heart attack after nearly 45 minutes.  He obviously suffered greatly, but then again, SO DID HIS VICTIM!  I know that the Human Rights cunts never acknowledge what their heroes put their victims through, showing exactly what they think of victims.

    So did this piece of shit do to warrant a one way ticket to the execution chamber?  Why nothing much.  He only tortured, shot, then buried 19 year old Stephanie Neiman.  When he covered with dirt, she was still alive.  What had she done to justify this barbarity?  Lockett and two of his buddies tried to steal her car.  They tried to break in to her friends`home but she put up resistance.  This led to an absolutely horrific death.  She was a young woman doing her best to get a good start in life but that was cruelly taken from her.  By that band of moronic, twisted and lazy bastards who cannot make something of their lives.  To people like Lockett - criminals in other words - ordinary, hard working and honest people are the "mugs" of the world.  Ready made victims to be robbed, maimed or killed.  To the civil liberties and human rights scumbags do not give a toss for the Stephanie Niemans of this world.  It is a pity nobody stood up and shouted  "Now you know what it feels like to suffer" but the professional apologists would no doubt have branded them as evil.  The irony would be lost on these cunts.