Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Kevin & Reginald Haley - Monsters

It has taken 30 years for a court to finally decide the fate of a killer, after a decision to reverse a death sentence, led to his death sentence being reaffirmed.  This was 50 year old Kevin Bernard Haley.  He and his brother, Reginald, 54, carried out numerous burglaries across Los Angeles in order to fund their - yes, you guessed it! - drug habit.  (those substances that fucknuts believe should be legalised)  But this pair of monsters were not content to steal, they destroyed their female victims` dignities, with rape, sodomy, and in some cases, death.  Their spree ran from 1979 until 1984.  55 year old Dolores Clement was strangled and then brutally beaten by Kevin Haley.  He was convicted of this murder in 1988 and sentenced to death, but this was reversed in 2004.  He was also charged in 1988 with beating 56 year old Laverne Stolzy to death, but a jury could not agree.  

    The case was retried this year with Haley being convicted of both murders, and being given yet again, the death penalty.  The jury took into consideration the circumstances of burglary, robbery and the sexual indignities the victims were subjected to.  His brother was convicted in 1988 and was sentenced to life.  Police believe that in the five years they were loose - 1979 to 1984 - they committed at least 500 hundred burglaries.  During these burglaries, nearly 60 women were raped and in total 8 were murdered.  If these two were responsible, I fail to see just how anybody could have the slightest sympathy for them, and they deserve all they get.