Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Death of Stan Nicholls

If a family was ever hit hard by tragedy, it was the Nicholls family from Yalding in Kent.  The first tragedy that struck the Nicholls` was the death of Stan in September of 1994, when he went for a drink in the Anchor Inn pub in Hampstead Lane.  It was at 11.40pm that the 37 year old asked a barman to let him out.  As the door was opened and Mr Nicholls stepped out, two men tried to burst in.  They both wore masks and one carried a sawn off shotgun.  The gun went off and hit Mr Nicholls in the side of the head, killing him.  There were still a dozen people inside the pub.  There was speculation that Mr Nicholls was the target, for some reason.  But I think it was an end of the night robbery for the takings and the gun went off as they tried to burst in.  If he was the target, they could simply have waited for him to come out and shot him, rather than force their way in to a place and carry out the shooting in front of numerous witnesses.  Plus, it was late at night with fewer people about.

    Then over the following years, Stan`s mother and father passed away, and then on 6th October 2012, Police forced their way into the home of Gordon Nicholls to find him dead.  54 year old Gordon Nicholls was a bit of a recluse, who had no friends, and could not interact socially with people - could have been chronically shy - so was a loner.  He had not been seen for months so a neighbour alerted Police.  He had last been seen on 31st August at the Accident & Emergency Department at Maidstone Hospital but was discharged as he had no medical problems.  He told them he could no longer cope.  Then it was discovered that Mr Nicholls had had his existence made a complete misery by gangs of yobs.  It was further discovered that he usually left his house by the rear door, in order to avoid them.  It seems that he simply gave up the will to live, and a Coroner gave an Open Verdict on his death.  It was thought that he may have been dead for a couple of months.

    I bet the heroes who terrorised him think that they are so cool and wonderful, knowing that if they were ever brought to book for their hounding of him, they would be supported by social workers with their usual plethora of excuses.  Plus, the wankers who do not give a flying fuck about victims, crying for their heroes if they were ever charged with any offence.  The usual suspects; Prison Reform Trust, Liberty, and the middle and upper class "radicals"who want to be seen "opposing the establishment."  Funny how these cunts dressed like hippies in the 60`s & 70`s but in the last few decades, they dress in power suits.  Plus, they most certainly embrace that "ideology" they "opposed" in the past; capitalism.  They may want to bloody the noses of the Police & courts but they definitely will not give up on money!  Strange eh?