Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Danny Hooks - What A Nice Man!

Will we hear cries from the professional apologists and do-gooders that Hooks should never have been given the death penalty in the first place?  No doubt, now that Hooks, now 55, has been reprieved after 16 years on Death Row in Oklahoma.  This decision was taken after there was talk of problems re-sentencing him after a retrial.  A plea bargain was offered in exchange for revoking the death sentence, to life without parole.  What did this lovely, cuddly man do to warrant such barbaric sentencing from the courts?  Why, he only butchered five women.  Not much to scream about, is it?

    His crime occurred in 1992 in Oklahoma City.  He was in a crack house with five women, and he demanded they all participate in a sex orgy with him, but they all refused.  It was a decision that turned into a bloodbath.  The age ranges of the women were 30 to 47, but Hooks was only caught in 1997, thanks to DNA.  Blood and semen found at the murder scene was tested and yielded a positive profile.  After putting it into a national database, it came up with a match to Hooks, who at that time, was incarcerated in California.  What was he in jail for?  Rape.