Friday, 4 July 2014

Mamie Stuart PT2

An update to my post "Mamie Stuart and the Man Who Got Away With Murder".  Unbelievably, a true crime magazine has published an article by a group of "physics" who profess that George Shotton, whose "Spirit they had made contact with" told them that he did not murder Mamie.  Naturally.  These "physics" claim that the murder was carried out by a postman and a butcher.  They could contact Shotton but obviously could not contact the real perpetrators, despite knowing their professions.  Amazing!  A retired postman recalled that as a young postman, he was delivering to the home of Mamie and Shotton, when he encountered Shotton dragging a heavy sack.  Shotton literally shit himself, thinking that the blue postman`s outfit was that of a Policeman.  Now why should he be so startled by a blue uniform?  Why was the reason he thought it was a cop?  What was the heavy object he was dragging in a sack?  Let us not forget that dead weight is much harder to move.  But our heroes of the physic world do not answer these questions, as obviously Shotton declined to comment on them.  Believe all this and you believe in Santa Claus.